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Bet on European Basketball,great chances to win with decent odds

Time:2015-01-17 17:49 Source:Sports Betting Author:www.oppofan.com
How do i choose it, games? 
I always at the begining, look on biggest underdogs, and gain infos about them. With it fe, i won a bet on Le Mans away from home against Maccabi in euroleague, handicap was +16 and around, which was huge gap. And teams rarely beat such hendicaps. Another bet was on Le Mans ML, with small stakes, as odds were around 8.0... bet on Le Mans with handicap won, ML lost as Le Mans lost, but only with 2 points... 
I love to bet where i see great chances to win with decent odds, i mean valuable. Therefore i always bet and only, on european basketball. Because with ML's the draw is excluded and it automatically gives more chances for bet to win. 
So firstly-valuable ML's. 
Also I avoid so called public bets because public ruching on any bet is spoiling it (in the same way iit increases handicap on opposite site as bookies automatically make it larger, so i bet on huge underdog having great odds and handicap). So when you see naive people ruching on "banker" think about backing opposite site with handicap, as public made handicap bigger, therefore your bet will have big chances to win. 

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