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Bookmakers Post A Match with a big favourite on a odd 1,01

Time:2015-01-19 17:43 Source:Sports Betting Author:www.oppofan.com
My strategy (which I must admit is pretty boring) based on the fact that some bookmakers DO offer matches which are clearly going to go one way. They offer the match anyway, with odds of 1,01, because that's the minimum. I would like to try or it can be profitable betting on these matches, in which it is clearly obvious that there's just too big of a difference in class to ever be another outcome then a winning of the favourite (and the loser already does well just not losing with too big of numbers). 
For example: The World Cup Handball. You have countries like Qatar and Kuwait (and a lot more non-European) participating, which really can't play any handball at all. I believe f.e. Kuwait - Russia that starts in just 45 min, if you play this match 100 times, Russia will win 100 times, maybe even if you play the match a 1000 times, just because one team is much much much stronger then the other (and the result really does matter, so no chance of the favourite side of playing a b-squad and low motivation). Bookies shouldn't offer this match at all, but apparently for some reason do (perhaps because they want to offer a full selection to their customers). 
This strategy DOESN'T mean you should take every 1,01 you can find. because that's the minimum. 
Soccer: Chelsea - Portsmouth 1X did 1,01 at Unibet, but if you play this match a 100 times i give Portsmouth a good chance of winning at least once. You should find the odds in more obscure games (like handball, where difference in quality is much much bigger, because the sport isn't played on such a consistently high level. 

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