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There are two main causes of " dropping odds " : “amateur money” and “smart money”.

Time:2014-12-20 18:34 Source:Sports Betting Author:www.oppofan.com
There are two main causes  of "dropping odds" : “amateur money” and “smart money”. In the first case odds are dropped operating by conventional sports betting fans. Odds dropping  coused by “amateur money”  typically formed by the spontaneous accumulation of money of the large number of players on one of the outcomes. If the amount is really big , it can make the bookies think about the feasibility of odd modifying. In addition to simple players playing without strategy, “amateur money” usually also involves small professional bettors consider that this odd is value.
Often “amateur money”  are operating on the  match favorites. And this is done without any collusion , but simply because "the favorite must win ".  Bookmakers usually ignore “amateur money” when moving  their odds or change the odds on one or two points, which is considered to be a minor change .
Much more bookmakers fear "smart money " bets implemented by the major professional players , Cappers and members of syndicates . These people just will not bet for fun , and if a large amount of "smart money" loaded " on some outcome, bookies are trying to respond to these actions as quickly as possible. It is no secret that all bookmakers watching quotes each other , to be aware of dropping odds of their competitors. Usually in the case of simultaneous odds movement in several offices on two or three points , the rest bookmakers immediately try to trim odds to avoid becoming the next victim of “smart money”. Unlike “amateur money”, “ smart money " bends the odds immediately for at least four to five points.

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