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Online Horse Racing Betting Strategy

Time:2014-12-22 18:23 Source:Sports Betting Author:www.oppofan.com
Online Horse Racing Betting Strategy

A small insight into what we will be doing ...
1) We will make a Lay bets, i.e. bet on a horse, which, according to our criteria of selection should NOT come first.
2) We will bet on races taking place only in UK and Ireland.
3) We will choose only this races: Handicap races, Stakes races. Only JUMP, i.e. barrier racing.
What is this?
Handicap races - races with non-fixed weight of horses. In these races the weight load of each particular horse depends on the composition of the runners . Weight is calculated for each participant race organizers with the horse's past performances , rating. The meaning of the handicap adjustment is likely to participants. The horse with the highest rating ( favorite) gets the maximum possible weight, provided the competition rules, the horse with the lowest rating incur minimal put weight .
Horse owner can
remove it from the race if he feels that his horse had unreasonably high load or if the other horses - unfairly easy . He may also ask for a reassessment of the load.
Stakes races - the race with the biggest prize , involving the best horse. In order to enter in the stake race horse owner must pay for part of his horse in the race a certain amount of money (nomination fees, entry fees, starting fees).
Handicap races and stakes races - the highest level of racing pyramid. These types of races are the most popular and of interest to many people gambling . These races are most attractive for betting .
Therefore, we need to select these races , because they are involved with horses that have rich statistics , which can be analyzed .
Jamping we need to increase the probability of loss due to the fall of the horse or the jockey reset. Races (AW) we are not interested.
4) We will choose the races ranging in length from 1 mile.
Why? Because it is 1 mile to 2 minutes of running horses, there is time to use the criteria of each horse, and the definition of the weakest and the strongest horses.
5) We will consider only those races which participate from 9 horses inclusive!
Why?  Because we will have a mathematical theory of probability as a helper. Think about it , what is a  safer bet : pick a favorite on their own criteria or strong horse , and put on BACK , and to have one chance of 9 . Or to chose the worst , according to our criteria of a horse and put against it, and have 8 chances out of 9. Take race where less than 9 runners I find inappropriate...
So with that sorted out, everything is clear and accessible, the main thing is not to deviate from the rules .
We have BETFAIR account. Now about where we will collect statistics and how to use the information sites .

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