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Betting Strategy:the indicator value is more than 2.5

Time:2014-12-22 18:24 Source:Sports Betting Author:www.oppofan.com
There is an interesting information on a familiar strategy total more than 2.5. Some sources claim that such a method of calculation used by the bookmakers themselves .
After studying this approach I do not rule out this possibility
The strategy is certainly not new , and most likely already known to many , but I want to discuss it further . I know that because many people like to play it on the Totals and to increase the profits of such bets , I propose to use in their analysis of the indicator “Over” 2.5 .
If the indicator value is more than 2.5 - it will be over 2.5 at about 90%. While at first doubt something for reinsurance you can bet on Over 2.
NOTE (this is important)
This formula is only good for detecting Total Over 2.5 and for the calculation of Total Under is not suitable. "

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