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Professional Cappers (Forecasters) were identified certain "laws" in football matches

Time:2014-12-24 18:22 Source:Sports Betting Author:www.oppofan.com
- With the score 2-0 in favor of the favorite playing at home, after the 70th minute lull. In most cases extends bet – under 2.5.
- It is likely that if the team has scored a lot of goals in recent games, the next it will thoroughly rival defense.
- A team from the bottom of the standings, the last game held with the clear leader, most likely, the next match will be a success for her (Trained).
- The most poorly predicted championships 
(surprisingly) - is "FAIR" championships. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, etc.
- If the favorite playing at home, received a red card in the beginning or middle of the second half, it is often more goals in the match is not clogged.
- If the favorite playing at home (with odds to win 1.01 - 1.35), playing a draw or lose after the first half, the first 15 minutes of the second half, they score a goal.
- In friendly matches (particularly the preseason), the judge often does not add time to the main game. There is an option to catch Under.
- In contrast to the official. matches at break of one goal or puffs of time a judge can add (or replay in fact) from 5 minutes to + infinity.

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