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Tennis Betting Strategy,Tennis Match Rarely Passes without breakpoints

Time:2014-12-24 18:25 Source:Sports Betting Author:www.oppofan.com
According to statistics, every 1-2 set has  breaks ..I recommend only play on the men's tennis,  doubles and the mixes, because  of great number of breaks, but do not often give such bets in live! To play on this strategy, I recommend bet365 or other bookies with wide line, it gives an opportunity to put almost every game! 
Example of calculating the bets .. ODD MUST BE AT LEAST 3!
1 bet $ 10
2 bet $ 10
3 $ 20 bet (increased)
4 bet $20
5 $40 bet(increased)
6 bet $40
7 $80 bet (increased)
won and start again with the $ 10.... and so while not catch the breakpoint!
On a personal note add a further 6 bet usually does not reach .. but no need to re-evaluate themselves and begin to put a large amount (of $50 ..) In this case, you can either lacked the money to the account, or maximum bet in the office will be less than you need!
If you see in live match with tennis players previously unknown to you, do not rush to put on them. Perhaps you will be at their beck coefficient breaks (5 and up), but then they can let you down. If a pack of pass without breaks and finished 7-6. These matches are better to skip if LIVE nothing suitable miss this day  and wait for the matches favorites, do not risk your money.
Therefore, I recommend to take the tournament with clear favorites on the grass, such as Roddick, Federer, Nadal, Soderling, Monfils. And another important point, if one player leads in set  the difference in 2 games, 3-1, 4-2 etc. don’t bet .. most likely the players will take their feed, watch out money and the nerves, and wait for the next set-list!

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