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Enrique: I can do better, could do worse

Time:2014-12-03 18:20 Source:Sports Betting Author:www.oppofan.com
Louis - Enrique recently in an interview that he could do a better job at Barcelona head coach position, and denying the fans are boycotting him.
The former Barcelona midfielder Barcelona coach has a stable career start, currently the league after 13 Barcelona two points behind leaders Real Madrid.
Who has coached for Rome, Celta and Barcelona B coach, people still doubt his belief in Barcelona. This Enrique said: "I feel the impression from people is not the case, they have encouraged me to the end of the season we'll see if I can get the point, I spent five years time to adapt to the coach. work, and now I have a chance in Barcelona, I'm still loyal to my principles. "
He added: "I admit that I can do better, but it could do worse team is now doing very well, we can further but I like what I see now.."

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